What is an IoT Lab?

A Place for The Internet of Things

The Internet of Things (IoT) makes things smarter. A ‘thing’ is defined as any object used in daily life that can connect to the internet to collect and share data. The Internet of Things uses that data to make the ‘thing’ more efficient or beneficial for our lives. An IoT Lab builds connections between established Indiana industries and local tech companies specializing in IoT.

Why We Need A Space

For a long time, IoT technology has been expensive and difficult to create. The capital needed to buy the equipment created a barrier for innovative entrepreneurs and small companies with big ideas. We were determined to find a way to give small agile teams and innovators the resources to make their ideas come to life. IoT Labs offers pioneers in IoT technology those resources in one collaborative environment.


John Wechsler

John Wechsler

Founder & CEO

John Wechsler has founded, co-founded or served in C-level roles in several high-growth and venture-backed startups including Formstack, Formspring, and DeveloperTown. He is the founder of Launch Fishers, a launchpad for high-potential enterprises, and Launch Indiana, an entrepreneurial mentorship initiative. His newest venture is founder of Indiana IoT Lab Fishers, a technology Lab and affordable workspace for forward-thinking creators building IoT technologies.

Jason Pennington

Jason Pennington

Executive Director

Executive Director Jason Pennington is focused on supporting the needs of the Indiana IoT Lab members, partners, and their sustainable growth initiatives. Jason has more than 20 years of experience in the Process Automation industry, specifically in the area of applying sensors, software and services in a variety of industrial, agricultural, and municipal sectors. He’s successfully held leadership, management, and business development positions in his vast tenure with national and global divisions of Endress + Hauser.


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