Get Involved with IoT

Indy IoT Meetup

First Thursday of every month at 7pm

Who: This is a group for anyone interested in the Internet of Things (IoT). Technical and non-technical.

Why: Devices all around us are getting connected, especially with the cost of connectivity modules coming down significantly. The space is getting overwhelming with many companies out there racing to get their protocols and standards to become the industry standard.

What: Discussions will include anything from high-level non-technical to low-level technical details.

IoT Entrepreneur Meetup

Once per month, 4-6pm – days vary. Check schedule for next event!

Who: Entrepreneurs interested in startups in the IoT space.

What: Discussions include:

  • Forming a company (Founder/co-founder, early employees vesting)
  • Product/Service/Go-to-market strategy, Key differentiator/Unfair advantage (IP protection)
  • Early MVP / product-market fit pivot / scale up
  • Fund Raising (stage/source), Valuation & Term sheets (east coast/west coast/mid-west)
  • How VCs evaluate startups


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