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Give IoT the Intention It Deserves

A customer journey represents more than a persona, ideal target audience, or data point. Each journey is dynamic and emotional, which requires empathy on our part. When we bring empathy to the conversation of IoT, we consider what ways technology might help, ease, or even frustrate our customers.

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Indiana IoT Lab Celebrates Year One and the First State of IoT Report

The State of IoT focuses on the core economic pillars in Indiana: manufacturing, logistics, and agriculture. Representing a huge share of the Indiana economy, the report evaluates their current state, challenges ahead for each, and how IoT is making an impact, as well as how the Indiana IoT Lab is working to future-proof these industries.

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Indiana IOT News Update – January 18, 2019

Prototyping Equipment Training Sessions Training has begun for IoT lab members-only interested in using the laser cutter, CNC router, 3D printers, or the myriad of other prototyping equipment we have available! Members are required to go through our training...

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Member Spotlight: 1st Maker Space

As the “making experts” at the Indiana IoT Lab, 1st Maker Space assists members building products for various uses such as demonstrations, proofs of concept, marketing, or fund raising. 

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Indiana can be the crossroads of IoT innovation

Originally published in the Indiana Business Journal In March, we celebrated the grand opening of the Indiana IoT Lab. About 1,000 guests helped us kick off a new era for innovation in Indiana, signaling an important shift for Indiana’s economy. Even though the paint...

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Making Indiana Safer at the IoT Civic Hackathon

by Angie Helminiak of AT&T 24 hours. First responders are well aware of just how many things can happen in 24 hours.  A tornado or blizzard, a mass casualty event, a parade or concert requiring increased security. For 24 hours in April, first responders in Indiana...

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