IoT Solutions

Your journey starts here


Identify and explore the landscape.

Networking with our members, sponsors, and partners expands your knowledge, presents alternate perspectives, and provides free-flowing ideas going beyond a singular focus, breaking down barriers to innovation.


Ideate with a team selected just for you.

The IoT Lab has partnered with organizations which specialize in leading Design Thinking Sessions to assist in defining your product, enhancing the customer experience, and finding your “why.”


Build, code, test and refine.

Access to design software, coding hardware, soldering irons, test and measurement equipment, a laser cutter, CNC machines, and a complete wood shop, allows for rapid prototyping to condense project timelines.


Bring your projects to life and track results.

When your project is complete, the IoT Lab is able to support deployment through a vast network of partners eager to see you succeed.

For Your Journey, we provide:

Ideation space
In-house companies
Prototyping space
Local partners

Experience our unique ecosystem of innovation

Stop by to see our ideation spaces, visit with current members, and check out our state-of-the-art prototyping equipment.