Indiana IoT Lab member Shaun Greene keeps busy by wearing two hats. His day-job is with SoftServe, a digital authority which builds enterprise technology solutions for many industries, including retail, healthcare, manufacturing, transportation, financial services, energy, oil & gas, and media & entertainment.

As a global company, Shaun spends much of his time traveling to meet with prospects and customers, assisting them to find the root cause of their issues and building IoT solutions to resolve them.

“Helping companies keep up and prepare for the disruptions that are coming as the Fourth Industrial Revolution takes place is very exciting. One day I’m helping ranchers in Texas with connectivity challenges, and the next week I’m helping with autonomous vehicles in Tennessee.”

Rovercode is Shaun’s passion-company. Along with a group of friends, his goal is to change how students learn programming, believing that programming is best learned in a community with hands-on, open ended challenges. Rovercode is currently making a tightly integrated robot and block-based web-programming environment for classrooms and robotics clubs.

“We are just starting to test real rovers with real students, so our future is ahead! We hope to be sharing more details with our followers as we learn more about how our platform helps students grow.”

Shaun has found a home at the IoT Lab, where hardware, software, and new technology intersect, and companies from startups to large corporations come together to move the community forward.

“The IoT lab is the most vibrant tech community in the Indianapolis area, and is very welcoming of new members. I hope to stay in touch with all the movers and shakers of Indiana’s IoT related professionals as I continue my tech journey. It’s important to be part of an ecosystem that supports growth, and I hope to find opportunities, partners, and mentors, as well as become a mentor to others on their endeavors.”

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