In today’s information-driven world, a wealth of data is available on everything from quality warranties to factory utilization. The challenge is knowing how to leverage that data and turn it into actionable insight. With an agile approach to IoT and data analytics, specifically Distributed Agile Development, lab member LHP IoT & Analytics transforms how companies achieve business results by turning underutilized data into measurable growth.

If a company hasn’t gathered enough data to do analytics, LHP IoT & Analytics provides them with a plan and execution to obtain that data. Their IoT and analytics solutions enable business decision-makers to easily access, combine, analyze, and present information, reduce business and IT complexity, cut costs, and provide leadership data-driven decisions and high-end user satisfaction.

“We do everything from the strategy to enablement, looking at it from a top-down approach and bottom-up execution,” said LHP IoT & Analytics President, James Roberts. “Some of our customers already have a strategy in place, maybe they have a huge industrial IoT working group, but they come to us to help execute.”

To facilitate their commitment to developing a more interconnected world, LHP IoT & Analytics partners with some of the tech industry’s renowned giants, including Microsoft, Ansys, and PTC. With their strong connections, they’re always prepared to tailor custom solutions for their clients, whether a startup or an established company, across a vast range of sectors.

Part of LHP Engineering Solutions, LHP IoT & Data Analytics is based on a straightforward but essential concept: the possibility of genuine autonomy. By integrating the engineering expertise and telematics of LHP Engineering Solutions with their unparalleled analytics strategies, they have maintained a team with a background unlike any other.

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