Think of all the lives saved with glucose monitors and other medical devices and the pounds lost using Fitbits. Think of the impact of home automation, building automation, asset tracking, and indoor navigation…

If those things are important to you, then Bluetooth development is important to you.

Indiana IoT Lab member Novel Bits was founded in 2015 by Mohammad Afaneh, and is dedicated to educating embedded developers on Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE – essentially the low-power and low-cost version of Bluetooth) to make the technology more achievable.



The Bluetooth specification is currently over 3,000 pages long and growing with every new version. Novel Bits digests this overwhelming information, as well as other detailed technical documents, and makes them easier for developers to understand through free tutorials, blog posts, educational videos, books, and courses on BLE technology.

The work can be tedious at times, but Mohammad thankfully has a strong passion for the technology and the impact it can have on people’s lives.

“The IoT Lab was a natural fit for my business from the very beginning,” said Afaneh. “I was a long-time Launch Fishers member, but I felt a bit out of place being one of the few people working on hardware devices and IoT applications where most of the Launch companies are SaaS, marketing, and web-focused. I was very excited to learn about the IoT lab when the initiative was first announced and quickly moved in when offices became available to become the second tenant in the Lab.”

To learn more about Novel Bits and everything Bluetooth Low Energy, visit their website, and follow them on Twitter.