Outside Source designs and builds web & mobile apps for connected devices. The company had the distinct honor of being the first tenant at the Indiana IoT Lab when they joined in late 2017. With clients including Carrier, Klipsch, Eli Lilly and others, you can be confident that a product designed by their talented team will be reliable, beautiful, and deliver an exceptional customer experience.

Mike Peck, president of Outside Source and State of IoT 2019 contributor, is deeply empathetic to a superior consumer journey. Discovery, Ideation, Personas, and User Story Maps are strongly emphasized during strategy sessions to ensure end-users are taken into full account, driving customer satisfaction, engagement, and loyalty.

With a vibrant culture and youthful spirit, we are thrilled to have Outside Source as a part of our unique IoT ecosystem.

Mike Peck, on joining the IoT Lab:


Connect with Outside Source:

Twitter: @outsidesource

Website: outsidesource.com