Indiana IoT Lab member Everett Berry is revolutionizing an industry in need of disruption. His company, Perceive, Inc, pairs artificial intelligence with camera technology to analyze how people move thorough brick and mortar facilities, with initial installations focusing on retail stores. According to Berry, the technology helps sales teams, LEAN process engineers, and security professionals automate the least productive parts of their jobs. The cameras capture and analyze events to improve employee effectiveness and customer experiences. The Perceive Vision Engine can measure traffic, analyze customer-employee interactions, speed investigations, find patterns for efficiency, and create security and safety alerts.

Perceive launched from the Purdue Foundry in 2016 with the belief that cameras are an unexplored data source with great potential for positive impact. Since expanding into the Indiana IoT Lab at the end of 2018, Perceive has made several connections with partners, customers, and press, and increased their success as the product makes its way beyond retail into hospitals, public institutions, and offices.

Everett Berry, on joining the IoT Lab:


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Twitter: @PerceiveInc