Photon Automation is a custom laser system developer with turnkey solutions for manufacturing applications that need to be automated. Their patented laser welding technology is ideal for critical tasks including welding thin and dissimilar metals. Since its inception in 2000, Photon Automation, Inc. has been designing and developing automated systems for solving a wide variety of manufacturing problems for a diverse customer base.

Many of these machines incorporate advanced manufacturing technologies, including lasers, vision systems, precision measurement devices, and robotics. All of these systems have been developed to take advanced manufacturing processes and make them simple to use while making them profitable for customers to own. Photon Automation, Inc. has a long history of creating systems that are simple to use, built within budget limits, and that exceed performance expectations.

According to Sales & Marketing Manager, Bill Fletcher, “We like the variety of high tech companies currently involved in the space and the new ones who will be coming in the future. There are a lot of eyes on this organization and key people interacting with it. Photon wants to be part of these cutting-edge projects and used as a resource when applicable.”

Bill adds, “We hope to gain exposure to companies who need a high-tech manufacturing resource. Being in front of the right people, networking, and seen as a resource is key to us. We want to help companies develop their product and guide them with our experience and expertise in laser manufacturing.”

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