We are back with a new member spotlight with one of our long-standing members: Pierce Aerospace! They are innovators in the remote identification industry for unmanned aircraft and monitoring low-altitude airspace. When we last shone the spotlight on them, they were self-described as primarily working with software related to drones. However, in 2023, they also opened up orders for their new hardware — the B1 Remote ID Beacon. Pierce’s B1 meets the FAA’s Remote Identification requirements and its broadcast capabilities have outperformed competitors in tests, making it perfect for identifying aircraft or recovery.

The public launch of the B1 beacons followed another big milestone. In light of last month’s Super Bowl LVIII, let’s rewind the clock to the previous year’s big game where Pierce Aerospace provided drone management with their remote ID technology. This marked the first time a National Special Security Event used Remote ID to support and monitor airspace. Pierce Aerospace’s Bluebird Remote ID Receivers and B1 Beacons performed amid a crowd of 70,000+ attendees with the additional consideration of so many cellphones and bluetooth devices in the area. According to Pierce, “This was the harshest stress test that Remote ID has seen to date.”

More recently, on January 19th, Pierce Aerospace partnered with AUVSI Ohio & Indiana Chapters to host the inaugural Wright Brothers’ Sibling Rivalry Classic, a drone-focused event held at the Indiana State Fairgrounds. Despite inclement weather that canceled some of the activities, there were still fun competitions from drone racing to drone jeopardy and lots of great attendee booths from the likes of Arrive (another IoT Lab member), Darley, and Draxxon to name a few.


We’re looking forward to next year’s rematch to see if the Indiana Chapter can hang on to the champion’s plaque. Keep your eyes out for upcoming details and registration in the future.

For any questions and to learn more about Pierce Aerospace, check out their website at pierceaerospace.net or contact Aaron Pierce at aaron@pierceaerospace.net.