Triple T Academy is a nonprofit organization that facilitates training in advanced technologies for underserved, marginalized, underprivileged high school graduates who cannot afford to go to college. Their proprietary programs provide a secondary post-alternative to college, and prepares them for entry into a workforce that has a high-demand and low-supply of tech talent. 

Triple T also has a training segment to teach participants Drone Technology. This program is offered in the core curriculum for all students. The participant learns how to obtain a FAA commercial pilots license from the FAA, adding another high level skill set to every student that graduates. Triple T Academy also offers Drone Services to the public, with a specialty in the Agriculture and Construction fields. 

Their 24 month TECH9 program for qualifying high school students has a mentorship program which teaches the students critical thinking skills — not just for academia, but for their personal lives. This class focuses on learning basic strategies that produce problem solving tools that can be used in all life situations. The program is free to the student, at a value of 18k. The participating student will be required to go to school 4 days a week 6 hours a day. Transportation and meals are also provided at no cost.

According to founder Ron Berry, “We chose to acquire space in the Indiana IoT Lab simply because of the fact that Technology is the driving engine at the core of what we do. Working with advanced and future technological practices at the IoT lab will not only add value to our footprint, but for other business in the building.”

Berry adds, “What I have gotten day 1, days before joining and every day to this very day, is a support unlike any other I have experienced in a work place or environment. The leadership and administration at Indiana IoT Lab has been like a part of my team, and they are always looking for ways to help, offering moral and practical support in every way. Our growth as an organization will always be at the lending hands of Indiana IoT. If I expected to gain anything different than what they have already shown me, I think I might already be in heaven.”

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