If you have an IoT product in the works, how do you create the right user experience to bring it to market?

Join Ayla Networks and Outside Source for a webinar where we will share how designing and building a connected IoT experience can help your products thrive in the market. Learn about the IoT device planning lifecycle and how user-centered design helps you build and launch products that will attract customers and drive valuable business data.

It’s time to put your users and customers at the center of your product design process.

Product Planning Lifecycle

How to design a world-class IoT product experience that drives adoption and customer satisfaction. From choosing the right platform provider and cloud integrations to designing the flow of how customers interact with your product, we’ll answer common questions that product teams face on the path to creating a successful product.

User Experience for Connected Products

  • “What is user experience?” and why you should find out what your customers really want out of your product. Learn how UX (user-experience) plays a key role in making your products “stickier” and easier to adopt.
  • Methods to get into the head of your user and put interaction design at the center of your product to help customers love your experience. Plus, how to plan your project to decrease low product reviews, bad experiences, and poor adoption rates.
  • Why it’s important to make your device experience as simple, easy and foolproof as possible.

Handling Technical Decisions

  • Learn the most important paradigm shift your team needs to develop a world-class product. And why selecting your technology too soon can backfire in the market.
  • When the best time is to choose your technology and IoT ecosystems, and which channels will best help your users interact with your product and its data.
  • How to make sure your hardware has the right connectivity (wifi, bluetooth, etc.)

A Q&A session will be included following the webinar.

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