By Monica R, Indiana IoT Lab Intern

With KODEX’s simple, online platform for creating and managing unique interactive experiences as the main attraction: Welcome to the Indiana IoT Lab’s KODEX Corner.

When you walk into our facility, look straight down our main hall to see a soft seating space made fit for developing, networking, and learning with our new Lab Members Experience.

Simply tap our touchscreen kiosk to immerse yourself in an inspiring experience about each of our in-house members. Once you get started, you’ll see each of their logos in a “mosaic tile” format. It’s as easy as tapping on any of them to learn more about that specific member!

Making the Lab Members Experience

Developed with KODEX’s Mosaic Experience template, we curated a sleek display to introduce all of our members in one place. Showcasing a selection of photos, videos, and websites, you can browse, discover, and dig deeper through each of them.

Since KODEX’s experiences are completely customizable with its centralized content management system (CMS) for any organization’s needs, we can update all the content in our Lab Members Experience as desired. (Meaning your hard work can be featured too, as a new lab member–become a member here!)

That said, we encourage you to visit the KODEX Corner often to check out if any new members have joined the lab and for more exciting features as those members get settled in.

Special Thank You to KODEX

“This wouldn’t have been possible without KODEX’s software donation to the lab. 

With their platform, I was able to develop the Lab Members Experience with ease for the benefit of both my marketing skills and each of the lab members. 

Thank you for this awesome opportunity KODEX!”

–Indiana IoT Lab Intern, Monica R.

You can learn more about KODEX and its interactive experience at

KODEX is powered by VisionThree. You can learn more about VisionThree and its virtual reality, augmented reality, and touch-interactive experience at